Bed Bugs

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You don’t want one of these guys feeding on you while you sleep.

Here at Sunrise Pest Control & Exterminator, we take pride in protecting the residents of Sunrise from bed bugs. We have been taking more calls regarding bed bugs here lately than usual which is a cause for concern and you should be more aware of them to avoid ending up with your own bed bug issue. If you have already confirmed they are in your property it’s unfortunate but we’re still here to help you.

Just the thought of bed bugs in your own home or property is likely enough to make you shudder and you aren’t alone. However, you should never delay or avoid getting help with treating these pests if you do end up dealing with them. They don’t go away and will actually start to increase in numbers the longer you put off treatment. The longer you put off treatment the more expense you can expect to shell out in order to treat them because the infestation will have multiplied and will take longer to remedy.

Discovering Bed Bugs

Many people don’t actually find an actual bed bug when they suspect or confirm the presence of bed bugs. Dark spots on your bedding or mattress, which is the fecal matter (blood) of the bed bugs is a common sign but getting bit at night is not enough to rule out every other pest except bed bugs. Fleas can bite and if biting is your only sign it’s best to have an inspection done by one of our professional Sunrise bed bug control exterminators.

They can determine whether actual bed bugs are the issue or if it is another pest causing the problems. Then the appropriate treatment can be recommended and if you choose to do it, we can start right away so you can get relief faster.Give our Sunrise bed bug control professionals a ring at (954) 790-6508  if you’re worried bed bugs have found their way inside your property. Have a question about bed bugs or a particular pest issue you’re dealing with? Give us a call and we’ll gladly help!


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