Most residents in the Sunrise area experience a rodent problem at some point. Should rats or mice decide to take shelter in your property you can expect them to start breeding right away. The idea is to prevent this occurrence altogether but sometimes that isn’t possible.

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Not only are most people disgusted by the thought of rats or mice in their home, but Sunrise rodents pose a number of health threats to individuals exposed to any existing disease or contamination. Clearly, not all rodents will carry diseases but you should prevent an infestation regardless.

It is quite common and one of the main ways people are made aware of the presence of rodents in their property, to find chewed cords, wires and even food/food supplies when mice and rats are involved. You might be surprised at just what they will chew so you want to take care of the issue right away to avoid any further damage to your property and valuables.

Entry & Access Points for Sunrise Rodents

To keep the rodents out for good you need to determine where they’re coming in at and fix the entries you find. Any possible entry points, no matter how small, need to be sealed. While rodents can fit through small holes and openings, so can many other pests that can hide much easier; ants, spiders, beetles, earwigs, etc.

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